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Show details for IBM Lotus iNotes for MS OutlookIBM Lotus iNotes for MS Outlook
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JPAS82DNWRPopup chat message that User-A has left the chat even when User-B shouldn't see it.
HDAN82WQ4QThe Lotus Sametime client, running stand-alone or embedded in Notes, can cause unnecessary load on a Lotus Domino server retrieving the user's...
XLZG7WUBXSError "An internal error occurred during: registerInviteHandlerJob" was displayed after switching Notes ID's and then logging into...
LMAU82CP9SError "An internal error occurred during: GetIMAwarenessRequest Job" was displayed when opening a new calendar invite, after losing the network...
SVNM7VXNA7Prior to this fix, the Privacy tab on "External Contacts" section text was overlapped.
DGAO7E5UQBPrior to this fix, Esc was not bringing the chat window back to the front. The chat window is at the back of the Notes window.
BLIO83J3PNError displayed after leaving the Notes Client opened without accessing the client for several hours. The error message displayed was "An internal...
CMCH7VYLR6Prior to this fix, the Business Card was rendered too far from buddylist preventing the user from accessing the card.
WHER7UFL6EPrior to this fix, the OfficeAddin Toolbar would not retain location changes in Office Applications.
XLZG82KBGVFixed a problem where the error "GetIMAwarenessRequest Job has encountered a problem" was displayed after clicking the Reset User button. This error...
ZNZO83P8E9The Sametime dock icon continues to flash even after being clicked. Now when a user closes the Sametime window and goes to other applications, the...
XLZG83294EError "DisposeStatusImageKeysJob" has encountered a problem" when changing the Sametime preferences setting.
PPRT7R6H4AFixed an intermittent problem where HTML code was showing up in messages when someone starts a new chat with another user.
WHER7X9N3GPrior to this fix, the presence would not change to "disconnected" on Callee once the caller selects the "Leave Call and Close window"...
CSMH7X8QHEThe Lotus Sametime client, either running stand-alone or embedded in Notes, can cause unnecessary load on a Lotus Domino server when the client reads...


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